Colors in Insulation

Colors in Insulation

Colors are used in insulation by the manufacturers for many reasons. Whether it is to identify a brand, identify a specific material from a large portfolio, connect with a theme, or to differentiate between densities among products that without it may look identical.

HiTherm North America LLC uses colors for its products for many of the above reasons. Polyisocyanurate blocks are naturally a beige color. With density differences typically of only one half pound per cubic foot, a small bore piece of pipe insulation is hard to tell if it is 2#, 2.5# or even 3# material simply by looking or even picking it up. 

HiTherm’s PIR300 25/50 is manufactured green. First, it lets the customer know that the material is indeed from HiTherm because currently we are the only manufacturer in North America using a green color for 2# PIR products.

Second, we want you to think “Green” when using PIR300 25/50. From multiple LEED credits to the best thermal conductivity PIR blocks on the market, HiTherm North America is committed to green building.  Too often insulation is forgotten as being the first and best defense against greenhouse gas emissions.  We want you to not only remember to always insulate, but to use the best products available when you do.

While our 2# density material (PIR300 25/50) is designed to keep things cool and not let systems warm up, our 2.5# density product (PIR400) is designed to keep things hot.  With an operating temperature of 400° F, PIR400 is perfect for 150# steam lines.  For that reason, along with showing a different density, HiTherm North America LLC manufactures its PIR400 red. With HiTherm being the only current manufacturer using a red color for 2.5# density PIR, you can be confident in the quality of material each time you use it.