High Pressure Steam
Up to 150 lbs. Steam (366° F)

Steam systems are a part of almost every industrial process today. It is estimated that 37% of all energy used in US industry is to generate steam.

High Pressure Steam

Food Processing uses 57% of its total energy consumption to produce steam, pulp and paper uses 81%, chemical production uses 42% and petroleum refining uses up to 23% of its energy consumption for producing steam. With the amount of resources dedicated to producing steam in the various industrial sectors, choosing the best insulation to maximize efficiencies and protect equipment is a critical choice. Without proper insulation, energy losses up to 90% can be experienced throughout the system.

HiTherm PIR400 is the perfect insulation solution for industrial steam production needs. PIR400 is a rigid, closed cell polyisocyanurate insulation designed to operate at a continuous temperature of 400°F, with intermittent service up to 450°F. With an industry leading thermal conductivity, PIR400 is an ideal product for use on 150 lbs. steam lines (366°F). According to the Department of Energy “Any surface over 120° F should be insulated. This includes boiler surfaces, steam and condensate return piping and fittings.

The energy losses minimized by properly insulating steam lines can not only be realized in cost savings, but also in equipment protection, consistent production processes and by eliminating CO2 emissions.

HiTherm PIR400 can be fabricated in all sizes of pipe insulation ranging from 0.5” up to 36” diameters and above. The ease at which it can be worked with and quick installation capabilities, makes PIR400 conducive to faster project completions.