About Us

Hot or Cold - We got you covered

HiTHERM North America LLC noticed a need in mechanical insulation for a Polyisocyanurate (PIR) product that meets an E84 25/50 rating or a product higher temperature range than the current products in the market. We are dedicated to the manufacturing of those polyisocyanurate (PIR) products. The two primary products being our PIR300° 25/50 and the PIR400°. Not only do our PIR's meet those needs but offer the best thermal conductivity in the industry. Finally, the insulation industry has an answer for an easy to fabricate, quick to install, with a lower cost product for mechanical and chilled water systems.

With a combined sixty plus years of experience in mechanical insulation applications, HiTHERM North America LLC has worked with all the major engineering firms, fabricating distributors, and insulating contractors. We have experienced and been a part of insulation systems designs ranging from straight forward to intriguing and complex.

Located outside of Austin Texas, HiTHERM North America LLC is ideally situated to service the Gulf Coast and Midwest markets easily. The longer shipments in North America still only take a few days making all our product lines available for everyone.

hiTherm Mission

Mission Statement

The primary objective of HiTherm North America LLC is to be a customer service-oriented manufacturing company that does one thing and does that one thing well, mechanical insulation. HiTherm's business relationships will be nurtured and grown through a mutual respect and by focusing on the common goals HiTherm and its customers share. Keeping these practices always in the forefront, HiTherm promises to produce and deliver the best possible product for each customers' specific applications.